Gutter Repairs and Replacement

Damaged or leaking gutters can cause a range of issues for a building. These include gutters which have disconnected from the roof and no longer function effectively, excess noise caused by water running through holes in the gutter and hitting the ground or water passing into the building and creating damage.

Gutters and downpipes are an important part of building design, especially in Southern QLD and Northern NSW where heavy rain can occur.

Gutters degrade as a result of a range of factors, including time, sea air, overhanging trees, other debris and improper installation.

Historically in Australia guttering has been made from galvanised iron, lead, copper and plastic. These days guttering is predominantly aluminium and steel with a zinc/aluminium alloy protective coating to provide the long-lasting durability in the elements. Modern guttering can also be delivered in a painted finish, coming in a variety of popular colours. The Colorbond range we use is extensive and provides a myriad of choices to fit in with your home’s style and colour scheme.